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Through LAR Legal Admin Resources you can cut a lot of unnecessary payroll expenses by hiring an on-call or per diem individual or individuals to assist you in your firm matters, without having to maintain a 35 - 40 hour payroll week and still get the work done.

This methodology works well for the solo practitioner or for the smaller firm of  2 - 10 attorneys. 

At LAR Legal Admin Resources, we will assist you with an employment plan that will first and foremost fulfill your work goals necessary to run your firm in compliance with your clients' time restrictions and the courts' requirements pursuant to the law.

With one meeting, we can accomplish this goal setting and payroll accomplishment for your firm.

We challenge you to utilize this process for 90 days and see if the work production is not better at a lower overall cost to you.

Call today for a free firm work production analysis and employment plan goal.

Belinda Puntanen, ICP

Senior Legal Accounts Representative 

& Vice President of Operations


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LAR Delivers Quality Services

v  Our fully staffed headquarters office in Houston, Texas retrieves records throughout the United States and in several foreign countries

v  All records are tabbed, organized and arranged according to your specific individual needs

v  All requests are maintained by the same paralegal from start to finish

v  Frequent status reports are prepared by the Paralegal assigned to your records requests

v  Orders & requests are processed within 24 48 hours 

v  Owned by a polished and experienced litigation business professional                                                                         

v  Paralegal Services In the Following Areas of Assistance: 

o   Credit Repairs

o   Eviction Defense

o   Immigration Documents

o   Insurance Claims- Auto and Home

o   Property Management

o   Social Security Claims 

v  Investigation Services

v  Notary Services

v  Personal Injury Referral Service

v  PRE-Paid Legal Services

v  Social Security Claims

v  Unemployment Claims

Industries LAR Accomodates:

v  Aerospace & Defense

v  Biotechnology

v  Business Services

v  Chemicals

v  Construction

v  Education, Gov't. & Nonprofit

v  Energy & Utilities

v  Financial Services

v  Healthcare

v  Hospitality & Leisure

v  Insurance

v  Internet

v  Law Firms

v  Media

v  Pharmaceuticals

v  Retail & Wholesale

v  Software & Networking

v  Telecom

v  Transportation